the sticker on the base of our fallen king says made in china. perhaps by holy child labor?

and lo! a child is porn

One nation under one god

I was thinking of skipping it this year anyway

you can click once on any of these pictures to see details and read words. trust me -- its worth it!

An Open and Shut Case

found murder scene

Seattle's college district
Xmas Day, 2006

the Ave and 42nd

and the green tulips step back into the dusk

where jack the ripper buys beers for the glass-eyed boys

the engine's last sly wink

and tiny silver cars nestle in the darkened trees above me

alone like Alice


dark loose change of the heart

Merry Xmas, and God Bless America

self-prtrait and goal, xmas eve, 2006
liberty the human color
must invade the trip-wired cage

the harp spins on a bone-handled continent beneath the magician's table
its made of swans backs one wing open
a 3-headed asterix selling candy around the racetrack
a long silence followed those murders

a long curve tucked behind an idea
the runaway scissors always invade the music-hall
with its tongue of incredible stone
a mantelpiece already demolished
I then tried to slash my wrists with bits of brown earth
the way the first man loved the first woman
the liberty of blue zebras are
tiny cavalry units

every day I find
what I am looking for

I see Venezuala oozing out of my left shoe
I see two tennis balls
I see an Egyptian rockery

your machine is your machine

riddled with rose-bullets

Now is the winter of our discontent

Seattle's state of emergency, an eyewitness report



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