......................................She's bi-polar, bisexual, and buys shoes
....................................She used to be a girlfriend, now she's just a muse.

i snagged my sweater on a corner of your star

my rampant heart in the broken tongues of the day

your body unlocks a long river

body exploding under the weight of what is.

smmoonmoth fleshlight

moonmoth fleshlight


English civil War.....................................................((song by Joe Strummer, last 4 verses by me)

When Johnny comes marching home again, -- hurrah!, hurrah!
he's coming by bus or underground, -- hurrah! hurrah!
a woman's eye will shed a tear
to see his face so beaten in fear
and it's just around the corner, in the English civil war

It was still in the age of clubs and fists, -- hurrah! hurrah!
when that well-known face got beaten to bits, --- hurrah! hurrah!
your face was blue in the light of the screen
as we watched the speech of an animal scream
the New Party Army was marching right over our heads!

They said it couldn't happen here -- hurrah! hurrah!
was it anybody that we know? -- hurrah! hurrah!
but what was that parcel under the stairs
and who got caught out on the unawares
when the new party army came marching over the stairs?

They say it couldn't get much worse, --hurrah! hurrah!
and then she looks inside her purse, -- hurrah! hurrah!
she's got no food to feed the kids
she's lifting up the dumpster lids
the new party army is marching right over her head!

When Johnny comes marching home again, -- hurrah! hurrah!
home from work or from the bar, -- hurrah! hurrah!
did we sell our brains to get some calm
tell me, bro, did we get far?
the new party army is marching over our heads!

They must think we're as thick as shit, -- hurrah! hurrah!
live on our nerves but not our wits, -- hurrah! hurrah!
they must think we're as thick as shit
the way that we put up with it
the new party army is marching right over our heads!

When Johnny comes marching home again, -- hurrah! hurrah!
will be burn this town down to the ground? -- hurrah! hurrah!
will he let out a dreadful sound
like a voice that's newly-found
the new party army, so Johnny comes marching home...


Uncle Henry got so fat
Uncle Henry got so fat
What do you think
about that?
how Uncle Henry got so fat?

first he boiled the little ones
he made them jelly in his scones

then he chewed his brand-new wife
kept her tongue as a shiny knife

used the knife to kill his mother
used her head to kill his brother

used his dick as pencil-cover
then he took an older lover

but the story finished sad
when he married his own dad

how did Henry get so fatty?
he turned out just like his daddy
he swelled out just out like his daddy
that's how Henry got so fatty

I a pull off your sheet2 pictures

I just wanna pull off your sheet
Oh my monster you're so sweet
I just wanna pull off your sheet
oh my monster you're so sweet

I wanna play a hair-guitar
I wanna play a hair-guitar
I wanna play your hair-guitar
I wanna play your hair-guitar
do you have a hair-guitar?
do you have a hair-guitar?
do you like your hair-guitar?
do you like your hair-guitar?

sometimes my bed stinks
because of the cat
and it's not even mine

I wanna live in a cardboard box
I wanna smell your foxy fox
I want 7-11 socks
you get five pairs they slowly rot
I buy 7-11 socks
you buy five pairs they slowly rot

I just wanna pull off your sheet
Oh my monster you're so sweet

I wanna play your hair-guitar
I wanna play your hair-guitar
I wanna play your hair-guitar so badly



I was born neath a frosted moon
by a sugared hill that gently sloped
where men and mice were bride and groom
a pair of lovers busy grasped

inside a cage of darkened glass
so no-one saw the dangled rope
and no one spied the poisoned vat
and tearful leaves that drifted past
the windows of our rented room
no call to arm or words of hope
no idle chat or bosses' cash
will part us from our private tomb

for we were born neath a frosted moon
and the holy grail gonna be here soon


Kitten Smitten

get out of the garbage and walk the dog
she's so cute like a little fairy
take the toy, it's a blistered frog
oh my goodness, look at you
she's paranoid won't leave the bed

calm her down, the cat's insane
private eye for the bloody fax
I'm not Che and she's so vain
the shaky shelf, the music blast
intuition, if you've got the knack
pyscho cat

she can listen, she understands
she's a ball of fluff, some rampant drug
nothing like what the others have
gets in my jeans, destroys my money
and i can't seem to get enough

i go to the shows, then back to the groom
where are you, big cat, she wants you bad
then last night it was gloomy
sad cat! mad cat! are you being bad?
i mention the vets, it's just a bluff
that shit's expensive, don't tear it up
where the fuck is that cat at?
I've got a lover but it's her I love
if she's outside I'm gonna be pissed

if i shake the treats she'll come running
coming upstairs or waiting there
flops on down, exposes her tummy
where does she live? inside my hair!

used to be obsessive about cleaning it
never minded her little shits
she's got great teeth, she's on a mission
you can smell her coming, an egyptian vision
she who knows but doesn't share
inside my hair is a living nightmare

she's so cute, she made these scratches
is she on your bed? is she lost downstairs?
what's up girl? not much these days
but it's terrible to know that someone cares

I poked this poem beneath my hat
and threw my clothes in a plastic bag
wanna connect, and ignore the facts?
don't tell me how to treat my cat!
don't you ever stroke my cat!

nobody except her understands me
i wonder what she'd say if she could talk
i got that bowl from value village
take out the garbage and go for a walk

why me, why me, I won't hurt you
i've loved you since the day I cursed you
psycho kitten, if you'll allow
I'm not fat, I'm just furry
are you coming up the stairs or waiting there
where are they hiding? inside my hair
when I hear that soft miaow

nobody except me understand me
i wonder what i'd say if i could talk
i got that bowl from value village
take out the garbage and go for a walk

recycled cat, c'est que say?
pyscho kitten, all the way




Pulling The Shirt Off
Have you heard about a man called Michael Chertoff?
he's the kind of man that makes me nervous
he's a true defender of the nation's purity
titular head of Homeland Security

Michael Chertoff, the family man
married to Meryll, two lovely daughters
and daddy to us all, it's such a burden
Harvard College and magnum cum laude
he's probably got a mistress, he sure can afford her
and a Mexican house-maid who crossed the border

look at his photo -- you'll see the fangs
the fish-cold eyes and nervous hands
holding the strings for the business gang

he's the boss of bosses at the FDA
the man of ICE, border security
thought-police, and customs procurement
he's even in charge of the Postal Service --
Michael Chertoff makes me nervous!

you can follow his website every day
even send him an email, but watch what you say
he's found a way to stop the slaughter
thru the modern use of ancient torture

well it's a free country, yeah, every day
I said, I'll take YOUR ass to Guantanamo Bay

then I'll hire me a crew of lumberjacks
to construct a system of medieval racks
and I'll stretch your bones until I hear them crack
with a gag on your mouth so you can't talk back

as electric shocks light up your wrists
be nice to see YOU SIR, wet with piss
cying to your god, with a baton up your ass
your eyes still burning from candle-wax

then I'll brain you, train you, bruise and degrade you
treat you like a dog, waterboard you
cover your head in a plastic bag
pure white-noise you
chained to the floor for the rats to gnaw you
then leave you to rot, I'll stop the attacks

I'm not Muslim, not even Black
but I can see your KK hat

with the Geneva Convention off our backs
I'll ask the questions, and I'll get the facts
and then I'll cut off your balls, cos you're a fucking twat

how do you like that, Mac?

Michael Chertoff, the family man
married to Meryll, two lovely daughters
Harvard College and magnum cum laude
he's crying to them now, about the New World Order.

BBegrudging strays on judgement day


drunk as a skunk with the bores at the bar
ganja farmers and near-nirvanas
closet kings of a future drama
glance at the pants of jeffrey dahmer
closest thing to the dalaii lama
slow dance trance with what might harm ya
take two of these, it might just calm ya
a surgeon's journal to the end of the dark

you want to hit the hole but you're under par
liquor-bottles glisten like a million stars
the train-tracks weave, you disembark
the picturesque friction of hickey-art
can we use your body for a game of darts?
juke-box hustles reflect your scars
menthol, mental, oh gentle heart!
this world's dead, is there life on Mars?

No we talk, Yes we can't
evicted for your diction, from the school of charm
don't enter her, you'll come to harm
and that stools busy til the guy departs
let's kill each other, it'll be a start
addicted to the fiction of a future calm

so hasty vacation to a vacant place
yearning fur and friendly lace
drowning in a notion of manly spars
queasy on your knees in a bathroom farce
the seats been greased by lonely-farts
sexist balms & mis-spelt psalms
neat graffitti, and shaking palms
don't walk like that, you've gone too far
full-moon swoon at Siren park
from the pungent spray of Hudson bay
bring us your homeless, we'll make them slaves
to some body found in the Puget Sound
robots stoic flock every town
see them from a condo if you just look down
the begrudging pay by credit card
glued together til life do us part
the dungeon-grey of, Life's so hard

parks you for the blues
in a shopping cart
snoozy news and shoes-alarm
each new child is a brain-dead start
a fable of vampires tears you apart
sitting on the shitter, on maggie's farm

incomplete calm and centered rage
blue-collar shakespeares have their day
swinging through the bars of a toxic haze
they don't know much but they've lots to say
especially about cemetaries and bills to pay
Kurt so hurt and Mia slain
and how this city has really changed
when I was a kid I saw cows graze!
and you should have heard the bands that used to play
I gave it my all but it doesn't pay
do you see how the sky is always grey?
my closest friends have moved away
i'm the only one who chose to stay
hey now honey, don't spill that tray
it's juice of the gods, and anyway
there's one more guy that we need to blame
comet twilight and mecca'd fame
one more ache that needs to fade
but treat them fair on judgement day
for you'll be sweeping up the shadows
of a future age

Z f

every shadow pulls to love us
all has ears, legs, and voice, yes
past and future in the ball of now
and trees that stretch their royal fingers
and buried wars are grandpa-slow
and deep lush leaves of future lovers
we gather round the old camp-fire
in flames that teasing tongue and weave

the y

The Strange Case of the Missing Tequila.

your 2 bars of soap made of pizza
your 12 camels
your hair made of salt
your windows made of salt
every princess in Mexico
every moon
every flower
your floorboards made of burnt toast

the cologne cathedral inside your chest
gothic blues jazz-strobe
the fall-down-hole in the desert with its' desolate light-bulbs
from which I will one day escape and now i certainly have
your head rolled out is the horizon
red-carpet toe-nails and mournful buttons precede you
your feet walk along next to you
a black frying-pan so heavy it takes five men to lift it

then they carry it around the fairground in a tribal stomp
on the pan rests the haunches of a motionless donkey



taken today.

The 7.
Today is the first day of the seventh month.
Seventh heaven.
but there's something else... I will have to roll the ball!

...............................................................Psst, slip into this! ...It'll fit you like a glove!


..............................................................................................Full moon

Everybody wants it
and nobody is ready for it,

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