is the opposite of need
tomorrow replayed, by touching a baby's eyelash

a harp
is a way of measuring time

a wrinkle
is a sign that someone has been touched

is rising umbilical tenderness

to dig
is to open the grave of your father and watch him replace you

durritos are love-sausages -- a bowl of multi-colored shredded love-notes poured
over a laughing mouth

are dessicated swordfish in a box called Tinkerbell

is the regret of a judge at breakfast-time

a bra
is for homeless gerbils to sleep in. They also make excellent hair-ribbons

a fountain
is an outpouring of grief, of wonder, of milk-bottles, children can be collected from them

is a thumbnail

is a belgian waffle trapped in brazil

paper-clips are trying to eat their way out of prison

hiccups are bubbles of happiness in a bath-sized vagina

ladles are melting spoons people hit you with because they are unemployed

modesty is a clumsy virtue

eskimos are rampantly suicidal due to green lace on the moon

paper-clips are riding bicycles to avoid the sound of aircraft carriers in a box of chocolates

a glade is where goblins play chess in the warm evenings

ears are sliced off to prove happiness

a lemon left in the sun is famous for borrowing tulips to cover its private parts, which are stored in a bank in Oklahoma that Jesse James overlooked as a small child saying to his mother "My cookies have destroyed the bridge to the next century and now all I have is a horse-stirrup and 16 golden princesses will ride on my back forever."

subliminal is never having to say your brother's betrayed his indifference by a slight movement of his toothbrush yesterday while the flames around the house grew higher and the ice-cream crowd melted with delight to see your charred body still win the grand prix!

never is for always




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