shipwreck the creamed eyes of salamanderd fish-hook gravy train below the surface wretched the armpits loose by your bride's wig of conundrum'd honey which is mine when i smile nuclear the torpedo of effervescent chopsticks in east european umbilical yearning porridge to storm the tulip yesterday swam like a goosebumb on my spine of yellow parsnips and greek lost boys beg lamp-posts to prance the highway of particulars you are blind to my walking stick of shoulders when we greet frank jest with trembling knocks of porcupined grace you surrender card-cheat i am too young to be dying in your shoe like a continent, the vowels of cowardice don't yell onions despite kinetic vixens in my soup of lame donkey-breath which is grass hopping lucy in my warchest the empty fullness devours my panties my dayjob is to destroy you

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