petulent apricot
everyone pokes their own eyes out
this meat is lousy
the gift of love is not yellow turpentine by a brother field
or rickshaw effigy, burnt by breakfast singlet
a sandwich waits for the coalminer drunk on hippo-love, lick-a-face-a-dog-love
whispery whiskers, south decorum
but this thing with no legs is walking towards us
a sunlit meadow, a hollow transparent tube of an eggplant hallway
surounds us like a vast fingertip
the interogator's jackboot has smoked a human cigarette
the lake of intrepid binoculars
suppply the gasoline, the gas pump, the green and panting ribbon you are not reading about in your mother's large, repulsive head, for it hangs from a turret
this laughing soldier-boy, pizza delivery, and the clean pressed sheets
of an afternoon stroll
through a triangular-shaped ear
a pear tree, a pear tree where summer waits patient
stretching and licking the snow from winter's charlie chaplin, his hedge-row eyes
surround that tiny village
where the wedding-guests merge into one maypole
delirious & neglected
sliding down the glass ropes of a thrift-store ballerina
a handshake with the future is a silent promise
a rocking chair
a rocking chair the size of camoflague
a poppy, with its tongue hanging out
ancient inkspot.... unbuckles sleep
& the carton-wheeled theater-seats melt like confetti
we have been bird-watching............
tentative, and glamorous
we could have been animals


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