i write you an e-mail........a rainfall of nails, the moon in seamed stockings, a lizard in the rough

you have been laid off from your own movie

your mother with the carving knife mother soap-slicing the curtains

summery blizzard legdangledporch

beetles swarming in through the church doors

the tiny apologetic puddles in the back of people's eyes

the long inch of this night, our fine fins flutter

flowers from the rooftop's secret orifice

we sit in dark rows, watching intently as people go through certain predetermined motions on a raised stage. we devote our lives to this!

how many acres and a mule? a perfect egg, a bat for the fruitfly, a million tiny shipwrcks

a red velvet throat, as inept as the rain

the hand-grenades, the lipstick

high this town, on the big hill beneath the abandoned granary


Anna Montana said...

Love the "hand-grenades, the lipstick" ~

bruce dorlova said...

i like this very much.

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