Anonymous said...

For some reason, this series of photos really reminds me of chickens... obviously in the rain.

martin marriott said...

I'm glad you feel these pictres have a rubbery, chickeny, morphy feel. thankyou. May I suggest that at a certain age, in capitalism, we are not only discouraged from cultural creative work, we are also discouraged from LOOKING at cultural work. I myself often look at such things for the same few seconds that I look at a billboard or a magazine ad. It's a very bad habit, and we need to teach ourselves more fulfilling, more humanizing habits. Andre Breton said that the first thing he asked upon looking at any picture was, How much love is there in this picture?

I think that's a great and fascinating way to look at things, and I always find that by asking it I open myself up to having a much more interesting experience.

Merl Fluin said...

1. A shaman dons the mask of a canine god and prepares to direct a cosmology of music.
2. A disembodied baby rides its hobby-horse by night.
3. In the next room, in its mother’s bed, a diamond-throated bride spreads her legs and dreams of summer dances.
4. At the gates of the masked ball she makes supplication.
5. A tracheotomy is performed.
6. She awakens from the anaesthetic and finds herself transformed into a bird.
7. Flamenco dancers wear stirrups at their hips.
8. The wise bird spins a web from its feathers to gather bats in mid-flight.
9. A bat unfolds itself in loud ecstasy of membranes.
10. The bird like a mackintoshed madonna cradles the bat to its breast.
11. A fisherman, bearded and oilskinned, prepares methodically to fuck an aroused but nervous dolphin.
12. The lovers writhe between species-planes of pleasure.
13. He rises transformed from the desertification of love.
14. He becomes a merman, arches his back and swims upwards to consciousness.
15. The canine god carries its rifle like Louise Brooks.
16. An Assyrian cat decomposes itself.
17. The rifle goes off by accident. The barrel explodes and a burst of ectoplasm decapitates the canine god.
18. The hobby-horse falls to the ground. Its head is an inert nappy origami.

Anonymous said...

Really, I'm glad to hear that you're consciously thinking about taking more time to observe art and pictures, than the nano-second it takes to look at a billboard. No matter how long I look at these pictures, all I see is leaping chickens - trying to fly. Big beautiful leaping chickens!

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