It had a cool sound-track when I watched it on TV

I did it with a knife, a gun, I used only my bare hands

and I only did to them what they've always done to me

it won lots of enemies and also several fans

I never gave the orders to flatten hiroshima

firebomb dresden, or napalm vietnam

and I got my letters yesterday, some women want to marry me

they understand, you see, plus now I'm a celebrity

I just can't make the chat shows cos i'm about to die

while those who kill many millions wear armani suit and tie

my killings are disgusting, there's are civilised

they get promotion. I am caught and tried

but I only did to others what you're going to do to me

and at least for half an hour I felt well and truly free

so I don't need any last rites, cos I'm not on my knees

I'm the only man alive with a sense of dignity

Isn't that why those women want to marry me?


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