Tom Pained On The Upcoming U.S. Elections

Well, well, and we fell in, the giraffe went to school in a bombed-out bus, and the hairnet of cobwebs took a long time to spin

when Cinderella bites her toes, she recalls Santa's motorcade

There is a tangerine in the heart of Africa, my love, and a hairnet of oysters

A yellow suitcase

I then tried to slash my wrists with bits of brown earth

I often look at chess-pieces
and wonder at their village of love

a boxcar of wobblies knit their sleeping-bags into my eyebrows

Mr and Mrs Comfort selling candy around the racetrack

but liberty, the human color

must invade the trip-wired cage

Two weeks ago I saw Alice oozing out of my left shoe, which I immediately picked up
the way God loved the first worm, with his tongue of incredible stone

a long silence followed those murders

a long curve tucked behind an idea

fish fish fish skateboard

my knife is drumming on a bone-handled continent

galactic fruit invades the music-hall of hats and feathers

the bread now cut by runaway scissors

rock beats scissors

the deer are looking rather frazzled this evening

a New Orleans cobble-stone is sneering at its lamplight

and the moon is at the bottom of a cup



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