These days, musicians prefer e-mails over phones. It's because someone making disorganised noises can destroy the rhythm. Poets prefer e-mails, because when some-one else talks it often becomes an intolerably long line-break.

It's not our fault. It's just because other people can't focus.


I told my wife I love the fact that the North won the Civil War. She looked shocked. She said, What, more than me?

I tried to explain that they were two different types of love.

But she still suspects I'm seeing someplace else.


Some-one e-mailed me and said, I read your poems so I can find out how men think.
I wrote back to her saying, Well, maybe... but Martin is a pen-name. I'm a woman.

capitalism means never having to say you're porridge

My mouth falls open whenever some-one tells me their real life story

And if my mouth doesn't fall open, it's because they're not telling me their real life story

Anyone can ride a horse for five seconds

Neither a whore nor a fruit-blender be...........................................


The most amazing thing about Africa is Africa is Africa is Africa

The most nourishing thing in any food-store is the people that are going there to buy their food

even if they've not arrived yet, because the store's closed

Love is a rope made of errr

When you see her new boyfriend wearing that white shirt that you left at her place, then you have begun to understand the concept of clan




Anonymous said...

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martin marriott said...

From your comments, it is clear that you have only glanced at my more recent work. And by doing so, you are simply passing judgement upon yourself.

As for your question, no, William Blake was born in Switzerland. He was the violent off-spring of a teddy-bear and a bowl of soup. He can't be rusted, and I would give him my last dollar, if I still had my last dollar.

You are so busted. I can see that even from here. I've never seen such ferns, in the hands of a young white man.

Look under your VCR, and think about your brave father. Think about his tool-shed. Then you'll know what to do, and how to do it.

See you in Paris, Hitler.

See you in Paris, Helen

See you in Troy, Ulysses

See you in a Trojan

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