The Mouth Of a Lion

MayDay 2008, Seattle

All these are pictures are from Seattle.
But on April 20th, 1,000s of catering workers from India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Turkey, and elsewhere rallied in Trafalgar square, London, to protest cop raids and deportations. One banner on that march said 'Curry is our Bread and Butter.'

The Longshoreman's Union closed down the Port of Seattle, and the same all down the West Coast.
Thousands marched through downtown for immigrant rights, for everyone's rights, hundreds of marches across the country, and in many areas truckers staged protests against rising fuel prices.
Catching the bus out of towntown, I found this written on the bus-stop.
The man on the right, a Vietnam vet, told me he'd just seen the "Mexican-Americans" marching, and joined in. He said he hadn't been on a march for over 30 years. "It was a blast", he told me. "I haven't had that much fun in YEARS!"


Merl Fluin said...

Rise like Lions after slumber
In unvanquishable number.

martin marriott said...

Yes, yes, I think you're right. I hadn't recalled Shelley's fierce and inspiring poem, The Mask of Anarchy, even though I've read it quite recently, and love it. And the poem was spurred by a state-organised massacre in my home town of Manchester -- though clearly the poem is much bigger than that.


It certainly will always stay with me, and resonate, those words being written just there, across from my seat at the bus-stop.

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