The roof top's shoulderblade defines a morning star
which has belched coal-dust into its' mother's face
slate and whistle bend the
haymarket tussle of an octopus
the least-known of men
a heavy cul-de-sac tears off its' head
& bright wild flowers of every color
stream up and out
levitational pull decreases
the toppling of a pillar
a tired nose blames poor weather
in a month of July's we built a cake
with a plane riveted to its' skull
that plane was a ribbon of frozen salmon
salmon which is red and circular
the Strongman, chief exhibit at the
zoo which is overgrown and gorgeously deserted
except on days when the tea-pot is laughing hysterically
at the sight of a pair of white stilettos
found lying in dry grass
they are closer than the owner realises
to a medieval coal-mine


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