she left her eyes

she had a best friend, who then left town

drinks on Thursday, I'll see you around

she left her eyes, to stay with me

but her body's on the run in the land of the free

she lives precarious, sixteenth floor

ripped-out cartoons stuck to the door

she lived vicarious, she wants much more

than public housing, and locked-door death

junk-food, magazines, tobacco breath

she wrote poetry, more or less

big and beautiful, I must confess

a Hallmark card, in a flowing dress

she had a best friend, her friend left town

drinks on Thursday, then I'll see you around

remotely controlled by the silver screen

soft eyes smiling on the thin-girl scene

He came at 10, turned out the light

I met a nice guy, but he wasn't nice

and busy men don't come twice

now she writes loves-lines, every night

she fell in love with the idea of feeling

she's madly in love with a popcorn ceiling


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