Modern Times (another slide of Bob Dylan)

i love to watch soldiers

i love to watch soldiers undressing in the moonlit frost

whilst never leaving their god of albaster

their plumage of India nitrate and star village heroin

i love to watch sad soldiers clambering over the barrels of their feeling-guns

i love to watch soldiers carrying their elephants over my alps

with their vast genitalia

and how their eyes shine in a darkened mirror

how they can turn on a dime and write letters home a little too quickly

their Charles Mingus way of irrigating the countryside

i love warriors with hammers

and hunters with knives

i love the way they squeeze me into a tiny box of rainfall

as they carve out their nation of air

i love Tom Waits when he moans and groans and chuckles

i love the way their work is never finished



Anonymous said...

Nation of air, ha ha. Sad, in't it? Those alabaster lads with weapons more feeling than they are.
Fabulous work. It made my foxhole feel colder than usual.

Anonymous said...

Tom waits for no man.

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