In bed no-one's command

historically, my puppet, my puppet.

the parents of trainee clowns are less than supportive

why do boats have women's names?

1.... sailors must get lonely

2.... so that women can be steered through stormy weather, into calmer waters


3. women can be blamed if it sinks.

it's funny to think that people are inside other people (she said)

this struck me as poetic.

i'd like to thank you all for coming, even if you weren't thinking of me at the time.

(i wasn't thinking of me either.)

pipe-bombs on the apple tree. (she said)


what's the best thing about fucking a 12 year old girl?

it makes your dick look big.

what's the other best thing about fucking a 12 year old girl?

you can turn her over and pretend it's a 12 year old boy.


He said, I'm from a different generation!

I said, Me too! I'm from a different generation!

He shouted, No! Me! I'm from a different generation!

He passed me a note. It said, Why should hamsters be wrapped in duct tape?

So they don't explode when you fuck them.

She said, that's just mean.

I said, I feel very centered.

She said, you are.

(You felt so clever, didn't you? Until you found out being clever just means you're lost.)

She knows lots of things. She tells me that French Kissing comes from France. Well, woopy-doop. But that is how they use to greet each other, including inside families, father-daughter, son-mother, the whole lot. Anne Boleyn went to the English Court and got in a whole lot of trouble for doing it with her brother. French kissing, I mean. In public. It helped Henry VIII get rid of her. It still continued in France, right up until the plague. That's when they started just kissing each other on the cheeks.

But I like feeling lost. (she said)



Anonymous said...

Get help, you obviously need it.

martin marriott said...

and there we have it. the eternal debate.

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