Pulling The Shirt Off
Have you heard about a man called Michael Chertoff?
he's the kind of man that makes me nervous
he's a true defender of the nation's purity
titular head of Homeland Security

Michael Chertoff, the family man
married to Meryll, two lovely daughters
and daddy to us all, it's such a burden
Harvard College and magnum cum laude
he's probably got a mistress, he sure can afford her
and a Mexican house-maid who crossed the border

look at his photo -- you'll see the fangs
the fish-cold eyes and nervous hands
holding the strings for the business gang

he's the boss of bosses at the FDA
the man of ICE, border security
thought-police, and customs procurement
he's even in charge of the Postal Service --
Michael Chertoff makes me nervous!

you can follow his website every day
even send him an email, but watch what you say
he's found a way to stop the slaughter
thru the modern use of ancient torture

well it's a free country, yeah, every day
I said, I'll take YOUR ass to Guantanamo Bay

then I'll hire me a crew of lumberjacks
to construct a system of medieval racks
and I'll stretch your bones until I hear them crack
with a gag on your mouth so you can't talk back

as electric shocks light up your wrists
be nice to see YOU SIR, wet with piss
cying to your god, with a baton up your ass
your eyes still burning from candle-wax

then I'll brain you, train you, bruise and degrade you
treat you like a dog, waterboard you
cover your head in a plastic bag
pure white-noise you
chained to the floor for the rats to gnaw you
then leave you to rot, I'll stop the attacks

I'm not Muslim, not even Black
but I can see your KK hat

with the Geneva Convention off our backs
I'll ask the questions, and I'll get the facts
and then I'll cut off your balls, cos you're a fucking twat

how do you like that, Mac?

Michael Chertoff, the family man
married to Meryll, two lovely daughters
Harvard College and magnum cum laude
he's crying to them now, about the New World Order.


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