BBegrudging strays on judgement day


drunk as a skunk with the bores at the bar
ganja farmers and near-nirvanas
closet kings of a future drama
glance at the pants of jeffrey dahmer
closest thing to the dalaii lama
slow dance trance with what might harm ya
take two of these, it might just calm ya
a surgeon's journal to the end of the dark

you want to hit the hole but you're under par
liquor-bottles glisten like a million stars
the train-tracks weave, you disembark
the picturesque friction of hickey-art
can we use your body for a game of darts?
juke-box hustles reflect your scars
menthol, mental, oh gentle heart!
this world's dead, is there life on Mars?

No we talk, Yes we can't
evicted for your diction, from the school of charm
don't enter her, you'll come to harm
and that stools busy til the guy departs
let's kill each other, it'll be a start
addicted to the fiction of a future calm

so hasty vacation to a vacant place
yearning fur and friendly lace
drowning in a notion of manly spars
queasy on your knees in a bathroom farce
the seats been greased by lonely-farts
sexist balms & mis-spelt psalms
neat graffitti, and shaking palms
don't walk like that, you've gone too far
full-moon swoon at Siren park
from the pungent spray of Hudson bay
bring us your homeless, we'll make them slaves
to some body found in the Puget Sound
robots stoic flock every town
see them from a condo if you just look down
the begrudging pay by credit card
glued together til life do us part
the dungeon-grey of, Life's so hard

parks you for the blues
in a shopping cart
snoozy news and shoes-alarm
each new child is a brain-dead start
a fable of vampires tears you apart
sitting on the shitter, on maggie's farm

incomplete calm and centered rage
blue-collar shakespeares have their day
swinging through the bars of a toxic haze
they don't know much but they've lots to say
especially about cemetaries and bills to pay
Kurt so hurt and Mia slain
and how this city has really changed
when I was a kid I saw cows graze!
and you should have heard the bands that used to play
I gave it my all but it doesn't pay
do you see how the sky is always grey?
my closest friends have moved away
i'm the only one who chose to stay
hey now honey, don't spill that tray
it's juice of the gods, and anyway
there's one more guy that we need to blame
comet twilight and mecca'd fame
one more ache that needs to fade
but treat them fair on judgement day
for you'll be sweeping up the shadows
of a future age

Z f

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