Kitten Smitten

get out of the garbage and walk the dog
she's so cute like a little fairy
take the toy, it's a blistered frog
oh my goodness, look at you
she's paranoid won't leave the bed

calm her down, the cat's insane
private eye for the bloody fax
I'm not Che and she's so vain
the shaky shelf, the music blast
intuition, if you've got the knack
pyscho cat

she can listen, she understands
she's a ball of fluff, some rampant drug
nothing like what the others have
gets in my jeans, destroys my money
and i can't seem to get enough

i go to the shows, then back to the groom
where are you, big cat, she wants you bad
then last night it was gloomy
sad cat! mad cat! are you being bad?
i mention the vets, it's just a bluff
that shit's expensive, don't tear it up
where the fuck is that cat at?
I've got a lover but it's her I love
if she's outside I'm gonna be pissed

if i shake the treats she'll come running
coming upstairs or waiting there
flops on down, exposes her tummy
where does she live? inside my hair!

used to be obsessive about cleaning it
never minded her little shits
she's got great teeth, she's on a mission
you can smell her coming, an egyptian vision
she who knows but doesn't share
inside my hair is a living nightmare

she's so cute, she made these scratches
is she on your bed? is she lost downstairs?
what's up girl? not much these days
but it's terrible to know that someone cares

I poked this poem beneath my hat
and threw my clothes in a plastic bag
wanna connect, and ignore the facts?
don't tell me how to treat my cat!
don't you ever stroke my cat!

nobody except her understands me
i wonder what she'd say if she could talk
i got that bowl from value village
take out the garbage and go for a walk

why me, why me, I won't hurt you
i've loved you since the day I cursed you
psycho kitten, if you'll allow
I'm not fat, I'm just furry
are you coming up the stairs or waiting there
where are they hiding? inside my hair
when I hear that soft miaow

nobody except me understand me
i wonder what i'd say if i could talk
i got that bowl from value village
take out the garbage and go for a walk

recycled cat, c'est que say?
pyscho kitten, all the way



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