as i later found out

Startling Victory
Soup Wins Control of Congress

Brian Woot was his name. But we called him Brawny White, always some drama. He tried to go cold turkey, on Thanksgiving.

And every Thursday afternoon, when he was going to see his therapist, he had to rent a U-haul.

No, its not what you're thinking.
The van was just for his handkerchiefs.
He had a lot of tissues.

He once told me, there's a wonderful view, from the very top of Harborview Hospital, as you watch the ground
just gradually approaching.


Garbanzo said...

I knew Brian Woot. He played drums for the Absorbents. Then trumpeter Isaac Blowhard hired him to play for The Perforations. Brian had a strange attraction to stains and moisture. If somebody spilled something, he was right on it. His drumming style was heavily influenced by rubbing things. He said rhythm was a good way to keep a melody clean. I'm not sure what he meant by that, but if was on a roll, you just could not argue with the guy. He was determined to absorb everything.

martin marriott said...

You are a busy bean, Mr Garbanzo! Are you still with that asian chick? I hate to split peas with you, but Isaac B. was always a has-bean. How quickly the world turns. I never dreamt that Yassir Arafat would be replaced by hummous.

your favorite new jerusalem,


ps. And since you didn't ask, things are going very something or other with me. The money's pouring in, so that's no problem. Still not much luck with women. The accent helps, and I do work the Lenardo di Capri thing, but I think its my sense of humor. I dated a girl from Madrona last week. I said to her, is that a lake in your pocket, or are you just glad to sea me?
I met her on the pike-pine corridor. You know, the pike-pine corridor. There's a joke in there somewhere.

must go. I'm helping Tom Paine get over to France.

donna said...

You guys have very sick minds! Thankyou!

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