written on Thanksgiving evening 2oo6, as Stephen Fandrich played piano.
the mark (......) indicates where I wasn't paying attention to the music.

Arabian tiny forest
downtown unveiled
in sleepy twang
cactus rider
turn in the road
a black velvet glove

wind winds its way toward my home
my aztec hazelnut
my squirrely woman

fingers come out of my body
all around
& they move out to join with things
I bounce one of my eyes on the floor like a ping-pong ball

O little turnip I love you
& must defend you
your flowing gown
the way they who are also me push against you
your steel eyelashes
are not invincible
Arabic spear
your tuning fork

Oh tiny fish you jaded
in cloudy water
come sleep with me

This is not love
this is a gunfight

Walking along the little
pebbles of beach and
stroking the ears of every pebble
flowers have hearts

I collapse inside you

& am made whole &

invisible by you

your black arm wrapped

around my shoulders in the

bed, the petals that cover

your body, they never leave you

O tiny tinsel

smallest mistletoe

flutter down the street

with your breasts & legs

2 leaves touch in the same wind

2 leaves are 2 leaves

into the store

with its colored boxes

catching a plane

walking to a car

daybreak dissolves the manacles

watching snow melt


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