charles mingus

but his mind never leaves his work

charles mingus
in the gentle art of creativity

words induced by the Downtown Apostles and two pints of Guinness. As scribbled on bits of paper from Leo's notebook, at the Owl and Thistle, November 2006

a warm swimming pool
happy as a garden hose
the desert is far
behind us
& at last a street has my name
I want to be you
I am only 5 feet from you

there shouldn't be a frog
peering down my neck
my torso
such a string bean
ridiculous funny
to believe I am SOLID
the tiniest bird in the tiniest wooden box

the snow melts
look at me put the entire city in the palm of my hand, and lift it up
that man crouched in the cave
look at me with my shovel, lifting up the entire city
I want you
I want you to be somebody

you glitter,
radiant night!
& I am becoming virgin for you
green red green red green red green red green

horse snow melt
a window
the green fridge
I am you
in my underwear
our road
perhaps we should climb into a bowl of fruit right now!
and only the gentlest muscles

you are ruptured
I know you hate
everything you are
& you kiss me


where gold meets the broken earth
where soldiers limp home
where teeth litter the freeways
I have seen the candle shining
deep red -- pure red -- same as you

mother of neccessity is calling us home
military invasion

sun rising
field open
(your smile is so sweet)


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