There's Cuban doctors fanning out across the Americas

Bringing their love of medicine, their medicine of love

Tens of thousands, spreading out, across the Americas

You won't read it in the Times, or see it on TV

The rich don't like that kind of news, but if it was up to me

I'd make a million fliers, and give them out for free

There's Cuban doctors flying in, and they're making history

From Haiti to the Southern Cone, and many posts between

They organise their lives around the people most in need

The countryside and barrios, where no-one has a dime

And of course the bourgouis doctors say they just don't have the time

To live in workers' districts, and work for years for free

They say health-care's for profit, but the Cubans don't agree.

They used to say that Cuba swam in a sea of Russian money

But that was many years ago, and to the rich it isn't funny

For it seems sometimes where'er they go, and workers resist attacks

It's like staring in the mirror -- there's a Cuban staring back!

Way back in '61 they helped Algeria defeat the French

And ever since that time they've been in the global trench

When the Apartheid's racist army occupied Angola

300,000 Cubans went to meet them there as soldiers

And when the Jo'burg racists turned on their heels and ran

It was referred to in the media as 'South Africa's Vietnam.'

And Cuba was the first country that Nelson Mandela praised

For supporting the people's struggle since the earliest of days

It was on a platform with Mandela, that Fidel Castro said

"Many took gold from Africa, all we brought home was our dead."

And since I mentioned Vietnam, It would be remiss of me to fail

To point out that it was Cubans who built the Ho Chi Minh Trail.

As Che Guevara stated, and it fits the Cuban doctors like a glove

"A true revolutionary is guided by a great sense of love."

There's a billboard in Havana, and I've seen it with my eyes

You can't really miss it, it's perhaps a hundred foot high

And this bright and breezy billboard, what it says is true

It says, "Mister Imperialist, we are not afraid of you."

Mister Imperialist, we are not afraid of you.

We are not afraid of you.

Mister Imperialist, we are not afraid of you.


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