The picture doesn't show it, but the strip of red writing above the door includes the words

'Black American Gated Community'

This house, three blocks from where I live in North Seattle, is not really recordable with a camera. The picture of the 'Plantation' is the only angle visible from the street. The rest of the front is blocked by dense layers. You have to be there to nose into the layers. For example, the blue oil-drum shown below has painted on its' outside, in red, the words 'Tar And Feather Niggers', and sticking out of the drum are shoes that have been roped to sticks of wood to represent legs.

A sign reads NO TRUST..PASS. The house is one block from Interstate 5, the 1,375 mile vertical straight line that runs from the Mexican border to the Canadian border. From the house, while I was there, complete silence. But an imposing silence, full of power.


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Anonymous said...

What a most foruitous find! I am envious of this capture. Your eye is well marked. And the perspective you captured with a good eye. This piece ripped my heart out and put it on the table for re-examination. Thank you.

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