Some-one said to me recently, you sure do swear a lot. I said, that's because I'm from a very poor background. When we were growing up, our parents were so poor, they couldn't afford to give us real words.

One day my sister, who's two years older than me, said, Dad, why can't we use adjectives, and pronouns, like the other kids at school?
My dad said, Listen, you'll use swear words, and you'll like it.

And we did.


I used to lie in bed at night and listen to the sound through the wall, of my dad beating hell out of my mother. And then there'd always be that silence, y'know, and I'd just be praying that he would beat her for ten more minutes. Just for ten more minutes. Because I was always hoping that he'd be tired, when he got to my room.


When I was 13, my mother took what some people call a 5-year 'Buddhist vow of silence.'

Others call it 'staying together for the sake of the kids.'


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