take my body if it's what you need

american dreamers, ungodly tease
handcuffs hanging from the money tree
the trunk's been greased and you're on your knees
swaying slightly in a texaco breeze
teardrops on the corner, Excuse me, please

liquor-bottles glisten like a million stars
drunk as a skunk with the bores at the bar
all the fine romance of a credit card
neptunic nostalgia won't get you far

pushing fishing-boats through a sea of lies
knowing that your heart has a pair of eyes
welcome each day as a new suprise
striving blindly through the daily grind
knowing that your soul is your only prize

hip means knowledge, it frees the mind
hop means movement, against the crime
hip-hop soldiers are rank-and-file
strapping on their boots for another mile
your dearest friends don't always smile

any honest love puts the world on trial

to stand in the dark and point to the light
is the only reason a poet ever writes

meet me at the bottom, at the end of the game
to be unknown is to win great fame
ten love-songs for every tearaway

every honest love puts the world on trial

food-price riots, and who's to blame?
millions dead and the world in flames...


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