You can work 10 jobs with no pension plan
get fired for stopping if you need the can
get shot full of holes in a parking-lot
when d'you think these pigs are ever gonna stop?

Elections are erections, such a proud display!
puffing out their feathers but it's just date-rape
a bunch of billionaires laughing in our face
a 2-party state is fucking us today
The only thing sleazier than John McCain
Obamas and Clintons that can feel our pain

We can't pretend we're lost, we can't be led astray
a party of the workers is what we need today
keep your shit together, and choose another way
we gotta stay alert, cos it's judgement day

no seats for me and you on the gravy train
poor old grandpa spinning in hs grave
saw you kiss the devil's as for a dollar raise
the capitalist system is so insane
look at old russia going down the drain
look at new china, the people enraged
they're running out of oil so they're using the grain
too many hungry in the world today
too many pictures that are shades of grey
too many pens with nothing to say
too many people have been led astray
but we better get it right, cos it's judgement day


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