The Democratic party, fluted suits of blue
they run things for the banks, they run things for the few
they stand up for the flag, but not for me and you
look at all their sponsors and you'll see it's true
we need a new party with the worker's view
we're tired of the old and we're bringing in the new
the lines are getting longer down at harborview
look at new orleons, that's what they think of you
we need a new party, with the worker's view



Anonymous said...

This is really good. But I think you're thinking of the GOP when you talk about for the banks.

The dems are lamers, too.

martin marriott said...

I point to the Democrats here because of the idea that the GOP is the 'main enemy.' The anti-Bush campaigns were always a front for the Democrats, who meanwhile run Congress bi-partisan, for the capitalists. Clinton first bombed Iraq. And if elected, Obama will push against Iran. He is very vocal about this. Johnson began the Vietnam war. Kennedy invaded Cuba.

The need for a workers party is because we have no political voice -- the Democratic Party is no friend of working people anywhere in the world. The New Orleons administration and Mayor are democrats. (That's what they think of you) The Democratic mayor here in Seattle has just sent the police into the parks to evict the homeless.

I wouldn't call that lame. Not at all. Personally, like Malcolm X, I'd call it a "2-party state."
It's a matter of us starting to see and think straight.

martin marriott said...

Also, by "the few", I mean the capitalists. The banks don't float in mid-air, it is the movement of capitalist investment.

When one sees capitalism as the problem, not George Bush, then the need for a worker's party makes sense. But if the GOP is the main problem, it makes no sense.

Incidentally, the city cops in NYC, Seattle and Chicago, that shoot down Black youth like dogs, are Democratic Party cops. And the local news here is that the Democratic Party City Hall is starting to build a new prison in town. They just don't have enough room at the moment for everybody.

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