If you wanna catch an aeroplane, you gotta get undressed
history's no mystery if you trust the text
Che, Farrel Dobbs, and Malcolm X
I read them at night instead of having sex
cos what can be hotter than when your mind's erect?
I've got enough visions of naked breasts
billboards bulging with plastic pecs
kids die coming, ropes around their necks
down-loaded porn buried in the desk
if you want to be a master, you gotta pass the test --
sicko-fantic, fully-frantic, Wild West!

Too many people have been led astray
blaming each other is the rich man's game
slaving in the factory with bills to pay
but we better get it right, cos it's judgement day
Another coal-miner can't take a breath
another roofer falling to his death
another poor kid fucked-up on meth
more proof greed is the mother of death


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