Speed means freedom won't get you far
the class dynamics of a moving car
face in the hood, you've found the bar
singing falsetto in a jail opera
no file in that cake, making license plates
guilty as charged for that look on your face
they'll shoot you in the back if they want a race
plus lots of free labor in every state

They'll erase every trace of grace from your face

Social workers stalking outside the gate
sailing more oceans than Captain Drake
clothes with no-one in them doesn't suit my taste
paperwork peppered with shake and mace
late night tell-you-visions, are we all awake?

You can spend your life saying "Oh Yes Boss"
You can spend your life staring at a wooden cross
you can make your car shinier than new lip-gloss
but a rolling stone doesn't gather moss

the only thing sleazier than John McCain
is Obamas and Clintons that can feel our pain


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