Will you be boating in the upcoming erection?

Raccoons make strange bedfellows

Why did Bonnie and Clyde cross the road? Because anthrax hadn't been invented

She had a turbulent tabloid shadow

Most people deserve to die, and it will happen

The lake's black octopus slithers a finger up the hill

Adam and Eve don't even do e-mail any more

It's been bad eve since

But every man's birthright is his own sadness

and fortunately long gloves are this season's accessories

They tied me up and made me bite your tongue

The only bubble with this house is it's got a 2-tier love-system

They named several sewage-treatment plants after us

I've got a framed picture of Ground Zero on my wall. It reminds me of Rome.

Now is the winter of our rented tents

The only bubble with poetry is finding a bloody pen

The only bubble with this fish-factory is it hasn't been built

What's there not to love about September the 11th?

If your boss starts shouting, just do to him what I did to you

A pillow made of ten pillows is Marianne Faithful pouring out of my nose

I always knew Stonehenge was built by aliens

then dragged over the Rockies by Pat Robertson's grandma

But everything sacred is built by lips

When I was a little girl, I wished for golden hair

When I was a little boy, I was a goldfish at the fair

I mean, I was a goldfish at the door. I mean, I lasted 2 days

I braked at a stop-sign. I'm very law-abiding. I've been here five and a half years now

Friends bring sandwiches

I hate watching people fuck, every time I close my eyes

Yes, it will hurt

I always envision Buddha in a Victorian top-hat

My favorite street wears a bandana

It was the fear of giving dangerously

I am a teddy bear at dusk

Do not pass wind, do not collect $200

A red leather sofa is marzipan

You keep them talking, and I'll grab the money

I'm watching the sun coming up

It looks like three men unloading a fridge

I always envision Buddha in a Victorian top hat

I am a teddy bear at dusk



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