kissing the hand
Jewel In The CrownM sister.

Kissing The Hand that Feeds Me

There's some black stuff coming out of my arm

And a harmonica that swings like Elvis

A bald wig by a bowl of oranges

I'm a prostitute

But my sister refuses to work

I once dated a video-store in Vancouver

she said, do you want to do drugs

I said, I already have

My father wore a pair of scissors

With matching jig-saw puzzles

What do you call a cheerful clairvoyant?

A happy medium

He was proud king of the world's smallest nation
I just called it an armchair

But I promised to continue his rain

I used to teach in a Catholic high-school called John F Kennedy

They've got a picture of Marilyn being raped in the entrance-way

And they call it the holy boast

Why do janitors brush hair off these bridges?

Skeletons sell speed to tourists and the wide-eyed deer

whose fur I gently stroke

She wanted the world to be diffident

The expansive ambition of cactus

I've got my joy in a picture of the Northern Lights

She wasn't much of a biter

But she could drink you under the table

My mother was a fine woman

When I stare over the Rockies I always see her

I won her at the fairground, and carried her away in your coat

Only idiots follow horoscopes

I had my bedroom walls designed by William Blake

Don't be afreud, i'm just junger than you are

She fell from a fishing-boat on the way to treason

I don't know what she looks like

Though no-one except me has ever seen her

She never caused a crisis in the English Monarchy

She is the reason the Mariners had a bad season

She is the reason I collect phone numbers

And I stroke her ears

That she may hear this

I was stinking of him today

When I stepped on a white glove



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