What did the actress say to the blindfolded bishop?

I don't think i'm a dolt enough to know that
I'm not voting for Hilary Clinton. Those bodyguards may look phallic, but they don't have a chance
Officer, take your hands off Alice's tiny neck!

As the king said to his chambermaid, I just lick the pages and then turn them over

I used to have some soccer stars pinned to my bedroom wall, but the team suffered
So I unpinned them, and now they play much better

I've got a 12-year old catholic schoolgirl at home. I don't let her out of the house. She's bi-polar, bisexual, and buys shoes. She used to be angry. Now she's just a muse
I put her in the machine every Friday, like it's a religion. Washing off the little love-stains

I've already written her a collection of love-poems. It's called Throwing In The Towel


Anna Montana said...

Throwing in the Towel for Molly. That's brilliant!

Anonymous said...

I think I might call my towel-girl Moll. Then it'll be a nice old Irishy name, and also mean "girl", as in 'a gangster's moll.' And also have the consume and then die kinda thing, of a Shopping Moll. I think the pun works pretty good.

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